Clients value our vast experience across many technologies and product development processes.

Our design strategy, industrial design and engineering specialists are brought into the process early, to provide guidance on critical configuration decisions in specific areas of a new product design.

We have many years of early-stage product planning and fit easily into the marketing strategy, user needs, requirements setting and product portfolio discussions, adding value in the areas where your team has uncertainty.

We help secure hard-to-find parts through our established supplier network which enables you to achieve differentiated product that users and buyers embrace.

Product Refresh
Technical Expert Help
Cost and Value Analysis

Design for manufacturing Analysis
Research and testing
Legacy Portfolio Planning
New Technology Integration

We Help Companies Solve Product Design and Development Challenges

We help companies overcome a wide range of product development challenges, including helping you find low-cost and time-efficient ways to get a specific part of your product designed. Here are some of our specialty capabilities:

With In-House hardware product development

Many companies have internal R&D teams that require external expertise to design specific elements of a new product development project. Often, there is a new part, new process or new technology that your in-house design team needs to integrate, and it requires specialists to avoid costly learning mistakes.

We provide that expertise for you.